Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Central: Household week- Kids chores!

Yes, I hope you realize that Monday's list wasn't just for you, hopefully you have family members to help out.  I know I love it.

We assign the number and difficulty of jobs by the age they are.  Even the baby when he turns 1 will have a job (1 more week kiddo!)- at our house it is taking his own diapers to the garbage can.  That is his job until he no longer wears them.

It's definitely important to have them doing jobs that they can handle at their age.  It's also important to realize you have to let go of some control of it being done at your level because they are still kids.  Giving a tutorial on how to do the job and what is expected is a way to make sure they understand everything that comes with that job.

Here is a pre-made version to start you off- you can block out the days that certain jobs don't need to be done.  

How do you assign your children's chores?

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