Friday, August 20, 2010

Family Central: Household week- Reward system

Today we're discussing reward systems- every family is different in their belief of reward systems for doing chores.

Some families give an allowance- our family did this while we were growing up, but it was enough to cover bus and lunch money for school.  If we wanted to make more, there were larger jobs with prices attached we could do extra (after regular chores) to earn additional spending money.

At this stage in my family (Linds), we are using the philosophy that chores are your way to earn your keep in the family.  It's also how you earn or lose privileges.  For us, attitude and how you approach your chores are just as important as how well you do them. 

There's the jar method with chips/marbles or tickets (earn special outings, TV/computer time) or the ladder as visual methods.  There are also websites or app programs to keep track of completed tasks.

Keep a copy of how your system works in your binder with the kids chores.

What have you found that works for your family?

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Kristen said...

Right now the kids are just getting into chore age, so we are focusing on making "chore time" (in the am after breakfast/reading/prayers) a fun time where they get to help mom go through each room of the house. We turn on music and make it fun. They're getting pretty good at it.
Then if they want to earn quarters, they can do extras. i.e. helping mom fold laundry (they have to put their own away with no pay), watering the banana trees outside, pulling weeds, cleaning the yard, washing the car, etc.
After they earn their quaters, they have to pay tithing, and cut the remainder in half. Half goes to their mission funds (my girls have one too) and the other half can go into their wallets.
It's working so far!