Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Enter to win 3D Fiber Lash Mascara!

After I announced my break an awesome opportunity came up and I had to jump on it- it's a cosmetics company called Younique- I was already looking for something better for my face and skin and this answered that need- naturally-based products and something I could do from home!
One of our first products and in my favorites is our 3D Fiber Lash mascara.  It's two mascara-like tubes that give you the look of extensions but without the cost!  Mascara is a favorite for so many, I had to share this! 
Easy to put on- you first do the larger tube of Transplanting Gel, then while still wet the other small tube of Green Tea Fibers starting midway up your lashes- then seal on with the Gel.  Then repeat on the other eye!  You can keep layering for extra POP!

I wanted to do a giveaway for all the awesome Aloha Deals readers we've had over the years- started the coupon adventure over 4 years ago!  I love that there are other blogs now to keep you going- Hawaii Shopaholics and M2M Inspired Hawaii.  I loved working with Ashley and Christine- both had babies last month!  Support those new and new-again moms!

This company has been amazing- they even just announced we'll never have website fees, autoship or renewal fees EVER!  In 2013 we opened in Canada, adding Quebec last week!  In 2014 we are opening in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom- can't wait to find new partners in those countries!  We get things wholesale as presenters and you get paid the same day people purchase on your site!  Seriously, I've never seen a better company to be a part of- and I've done others.

If you want FREE stuff, just start a party and we'll play games with your friends, talk about the different products and maybe even win stuff!  I'll throw in a bonus gift if it's your birthday month too!

Check out YOUNIQUE and get entered to win some amazing mascara- we call it MAGIC Mascara!
To enter- use the widget here or on my FB page:
Giveaway now ended.  Check out to find other giveaways, special offers!

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