Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Grocery Deals -- Menu Plannning 102

How are the Master Lists coming along?

The reason I started this was for my own menus and also because every time I have a coupon class, someone always says, "There aren't coupons for the foods we eat".  This is why I also give some menu planning guides in my class.  Buying what you eat (Master list) and watching the sales are a great way to start saving in your family's grocery budget.

One site that has grown into something I use more of is, and it works for anyone no matter where they live.

This site keeps track of the grocery and drug stores in your area along with the national chains (Target, Walgreens, etc- prices may vary, especially for Hawaii).  Once you have your account set up, you can see All deals or just those with Coupons, by Store or by Category, select the stores and categories you want shown.
My preference is All deals by Category so I can see if a sale is better at one store vs. another.  I can also deselect categories we don't use (alcohol/beer).

As you scroll down the list (10, 20 or 50 per page), you can add items to your shopping list and it keeps the items by store.  You can also add quantities to remember how many to purchase- this is great if you are shopping your pantry first and making sure you pick up the amount you need. I'm still trying to get the email version to work, so printing is the best option before your trip to the store.

There's even an option to set up alerts for certain products/items that may be on your list- know if it's time to buy once a sale is out!  There's always that item you are watching for sales on, now there's a site that does it for you so you don't miss it!

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