Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan relief donations

Some friends in Laie are having a bake sale tomorrow- 7am til things are sold out.  You can donate goods to sell or purchase the ones they have.  This is at 55-461 Naniloa Loop across from the BYUH parking lot.

Others not in the area have asked how they can also donate- I have a PayPal "Donate" button right on the website- I will take a check over tomorrow for whatever is donated through that link.

100% of proceeds from the bake sale will be donated.  Otherwise you can donate directly to the Red Cross on Paypal's website.


Coconut Queen said...

I love bake sales, and since the proceeds are going to help with the victims in Japan, my family and I are more than happy to help. Thanks for getting the word. I'll be sure to put as my FB status tonight and in the morning. said...

we want to donate for the japan relief please can you let our organization know where is to donate officially as everywhere its fake

JLPierce Ohana said...

Red Cross is a legit way to donate- most goes to helping. Another is LDS Humanitarian aid- 100% goes to help.