Thursday, January 20, 2011

Aloha and Welcome coupon class- Links for getting COUPONS!

Thanks for those that attended tonight- heard some couldn't make it or find us.  Hope to see you next time!

If you came, I hope you learned something new!

Most links you will need are here on the right side of this website- here's a review:

Sunday Coupon Preview (mainland list, we get a modified version of the inserts)- this shows me what I want to order or you can print and highlight the ones Hawaii gets and then you'll know which coupons you should have., and for printables. 

If you are looking to order whole inserts or clipped coupons, those links are at the very bottom as well.  
The Coupon Clippers
Coupon Dede (whole and clipped)
Whole Coupon Inserts (from FL, takes longer to ship)

One of my favorite sites to follow combines my two favorite things:
Her 5 a day project gives you links to different companies' sites and you leave your info and maybe some comments about your experience with their products and see what kinds of coupons they send!

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