Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Central: Menu planning- 14x7, 10x10 or monthly or themes

How did your list go of your favorite recipes? (See previous post)

There are so many ways to turn this into a menu plan. 

You can divide 100 by the number of meal items you have to decide how many times to make it in 3 months.  Some use 14 items 7 times, and it keeps the weeks easy to plan because of the number of days in a week and you don't have the same thing twice in 2 weeks.  Others I've seen use 10x10- ten items, ten times.  Whichever is simple for you.

  • You can have a calendar and put meal items on assigned days to have a rotating monthly schedule.  I've even read about families that have the same thing every week and assign days.  Then leave one day of the week open to try something new.
  • You can give each day of the week a theme, and then put the meal items in the themes and just do different variations each week- this is what we do.  Mostly cultural themes- Asian, Italian, Mexican and Western but there's also leftover night, Subway night (my day off- 2 foot longs for $10 after 4pm) and crockpot night.

What works for your family?

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