Thursday, June 10, 2010

Costco coupons

 Costco's next coupon book starts today!  

One time I was at the check-out and I had forgotten to cut out all the coupons, but I had one or two clipped and had gotten a few other things that were in the book still.  The cashier told me the coupons are all under the same code, so as long as you use one coupon- the rest will credit too!  

Don't abuse the system and use one coupon each trip but get credit for all the items more than the limit allows.  But it is good for quick planning and not having to worry about leaving a few coupons behind. When you're making your list, note how many items each coupon limits you to.

They are also good about giving you the refund for items you bought if they were in the book during the period it was valid and you forgot your coupons altogether.


Sun with Passing Showers said...

Yay! You're including Costco on your blog! For me, there's no way to whittle my grocery budget significantly without it.

JLPierce Ohana said...

I try my best to compare regular store prices to Costco- with coupons, I can find even less than Costco on many things! Produce is hard to beat as well as paper products.