Tuesday, April 20, 2010

P&G- Keeping track in order to be Thrifty

While Safeway has P&G specials it's important to keep track of what ecoupons you still have available.  If you log in and go to the main page, you'll see every coupon that you selected.  They don't disappear after it's been redeemed like on Shortcuts or Cellfire. 
If you look at the left menu, you can click on 'selected items' to see what you have left to redeem.  It may seem simple but keeping track of what you have and don't have is important.  Some deals at Safeway require you to spend an amount to save an amount.  For example:  This week if you spend $25 on P&G items you get $10 back to use on the next transaction.  A very good deal!!  You may use paper coupons and those ecoupons are also on your card.  You want to make sure you don't go under the $25 or you won't get the $10.  The $25 in this deal includes all the savings, so you have to calculate before hand. 
This week I had Pampers and Tide on my list.  I calculated the $22.99 for the pampers with my $7.99 for the Tide.  I had about $5 in coupons I could use to get down to the $25.  I checked my P&G online, and calculated my paper coupons.  I had $4.50 in paper coupon.  If I wouldn't have already used the Tide ecoupon I would have been under, and missed out on the $10.
Hope this helps, and happy Thrifty Shopping!!



Dee Aki-Kauwe said...

What size is the tide?
Is it worth it to get a bunch of tide?

JLPierce Ohana said...

Get to the $25, and get the $10 back, which is like getting 40% off whatever you buy!