Monday, April 19, 2010

Catalina Crew - we need YOUR help!

Have you ever paid attention to those strips of paper that they hand you with your receipt?  Those are from a Catalina machine.  Some times it's money back from buying certain items (my favorite), or coupons for purchasing future items or sometimes it's an announcement of a future item that you can get money back from. 

This is where we need to help each other-

They are not advertised deals, but if you share which store you got it from and the terms listed, you can help other readers learn what to look out for.

The Post cereal catalina is over at Safeway, but with my purchases last week, I got one  about the NABISCO 100 Calorie Packs.

Buy (2), Get $1 or
Buy (3), Get $2 or
Buy (4) or more, get $3 (on your next order)

Offer runs from 4/23-5/16

With a good sale and coupons, this can be an awesome deal!

Please email Aloha Deals if you ever get one, or leave as a comment on one of our posts.

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