Saturday, January 23, 2010

What the readers want- feedback please!

So the only way I know if anyone is reading is by your comments and requests.  Open discussion- what kinds of things do you want to get out of reading this blog?

I am having to do a lot of adapting from other blogs I read because our prices and deals are always so different.  Do you want more price comparison info? coupon matching deals?  menu plans? budgeting tips? something totally different?  I'm all ears- just want to make it better and more useful for you!

I have added a side tab for your convenience, which also gives me a little compensation for my time- please use that link.  The "see all coupons" at the top will let you check which ones you want to print and give you a quick overlook without going to another site.  You will have to download a coupon printing software in order to print coupons at home, it will allow you to print 2 of each coupon.

One of my goals is to compare to Hawaii Costco prices so we know what our rock-bottom deals would be.  I also want to help you put these purchases to use.  Join our Facebook page and follow at twitter to see the latest updates.


Jeff said...

Posting Costco prices is a FABULOUS idea. That will help a lot since we shop there so much.

Kristin from Couponing to Disney said...

Your blog is off to a great start! I have one suggestion for you, this is your link:

Use that to make hyperlinks out of your words. That is what I do and it'll help you and your readers out a lot.

Thanks for visiting my blog and linking up your blog. Feel free to email me any deals you find. I'm signing up to be a fan.