Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly deal themes- Diaper deals

I'm starting to notice themes with each week of ads that I go through. 
A few weeks ago it was juice, last week it was fruit snacks, this week is diapers, I'm guessing the following week will be cheese or soda/snacks for the Super Bowl.

If any of you are moms with kids in diapers or future moms, this is a good week to do some stocking up.  I was anticipating the Walgreens deal to be pretty good ($5 back when you buy $25 worth of Huggies), but our starting price is $2 more than mainland ($10.99). 

Safeway actually has the lower base price this week at $9.99- which is what I look for and haven't found lower yet, then use the eCoupons and printed coupons with it.  I've gotten down to $5-6 for a jumbo pack ($2-3 eCoupons + $2 clipped).  Because I have both eCoupons and printed/clipped coupons for Pampers, Safeway is the better option for me since both will be accepted on the same item. Make sure you upload the card at before you go.  There's also a eCoupon, but those aren't deducted from your receipt, instead they are put in an account for your child to go toward college someday.

If I didn't have any eCoupons on my Club card, then Walgreens would be fine- I would print 2-$2 off Huggies and 1-$1.50 off Huggies and buy 3 at the $10.99, which after coupons and the $5 RR back would make each pack $7.49.  My goal is less than $.22 per diaper.  Then the $5 could go toward something else needed for the house.

Target is also having a sale on the large box of Pampers- $35.99, but only a good deal with the smaller sizes of Swaddlers (180 ct) and Baby dry (228 ct).  Most likely in their Value (Bulk) Size area.

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supreme said...

Good to know what the prices are on the island! I will have a 12 month with me when we come to visit. Will have to keep my eye out for coupons or print some before we go as we will not have a printer when we get there.