Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Sunday Safeway ad

Cereal week!  Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cheerios are $2.49 at Safeway this week (must buy at least 4 to get that price), then if you print $1 off coupons, you'll get them for $1.49 each!  Some sites to check if you're looking for places to print from:

I think there are also some eCoupons (.55 off) for those cereals also.  Make sure to upload your card before you go.

Another part with the Sunday paper is the Safeway ads- which have bonus coupons in it.  Before I had no idea these even existed, but when I got the paper the first time I was amazed at some of the savings!

Anyway, our prices are higher than mainland as usual, their coupon like this shows 4/$6.  One of the requirements to using these is that you must purchase at least $20 of groceries, but that is before any sales prices or coupons.  Many of these coupons have limits also.  I'm extra excited about this one though because I know my club card has some eCoupons with the granola bars, so that will be even more $$ saved.

Some of the other Super price coupons for this week: 1 gal milk for $3.49 (limit 1), 18 eggs for $1.49 (limit 1), Chips Ahoy for $2.25 (limit 4)

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Mom's said...

Foodland deal: Just bought Jello prepared puddings and gelatin in the snack-size 4-packs at 4 pkg. for $5! Great for 72 hr. kits, emergency supplies, and Nanna's instant snack bin :D