Thursday, January 7, 2010

Baby Gavin

Going to take a break to remember sweet baby Gavin.  I first got to see him at 1 month old.  He was still in that "squishy baby" stage- where they just mold into your arms, relax and sleep with full confidence in those holding them.  His mom, Natalie has been sharing their story throughout the week on her blog: and through twitter.  They are a wonderful and very strong family- we're sorry they have to go through this again.  Natalie's brother, Gavin (baby's namesake) passed away suddenly just over 2 years ago. 
My favorite photos of Gavin with each of his 3 big brothers- see how squishy?!

 His little 9-week old body had to fight with pertussis, RSV, pneumonia and a blood infection all within a week while they were away visiting family.  We're so sorry to hear he isn't with us in this life, but we are comforted knowing he got to be a part of a loving family before he had to go back and live with his Heavenly Father.

There are so many people who have reached out with prayers and good thoughts to help them through this.  If you'd like to also help monetarily, I've added a Paypal button on the blog so anyone can help donate.  It was set up by people the Nortons know first hand, through our playgroup that we've all been a part of since 2005, which is where we've really gotten to know this awesome family and their boys. 

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Damaris said...

thanks for posting the button. You are a good friend to them, I'm sure they're anxious to get back to hawaii and their strong community.