Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tip- is Target worth it?

The store I go to least is Target, mostly because it is not near many of the stores I already go to- but when I saw $.55 a can for canned veggies, I thought I'd give them a second glance while we were out.  Since it was the last day of the sale, there were NONE left and I should have known better but we were looking for other things as well and I'm still learning like everyone else.

One great thing Target does that I haven't seen much in Hawaii is RAINCHECKS!  They even have slips of paper ready on the shelf where the item should be so you can take it to the register, tell them how many you want (limit was 9) and have it paid now so you can get the sale price you want.  It didn't seem like all the cashiers knew that, so I wanted you to be aware before you left with the slip and not the actual raincheck.

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