Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday Menu

During these busy holidays it's great to have things planned out for a few reasons (i may sound like a broken record!):

1. I like to scope out the sale/ads on Sundays and sometimes find great deals on items I need that week
2.   I don't like figuring out what dinner will be at 4pm because I am just NOT motivated at that point... and we end up wasting money eating out when we have food right under our noses.

Okay, so this week we have a couple special events to attend leaving a few nights pretty empty, but for the rest, it's all planned and wonderful!

Week of December 7- December 13
Monday:  **Special Dinner**
Tuesday:  Mexican Chicken  --> check out Savvy Saturdays post for the recipe
Wednesday:  Subway Night (clean out left overs since trash comes the next day!)
Thursday: Manicotti  and garlic breadsince last week it was postponed
Friday: **Ward Christmas Party**
Saturday: Steak and Potatoes
Sunday: Roast and vegi's

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