Friday, December 11, 2009

Savvy Saturday- Walgreens spotlight

Thanks to a post I found, I was able to get Theraflu (2/$10) and Triaminic (2/$11) in separate transactions and get $5 off each transaction thanks to Sunday's paper so it was $2.50 for each Theraflu and $2.75 for each Triaminic or vice versa (can't remember exactly- town headache!).  Then I got back $8 in Register Rewards (RR) to use on free products later, and it's like getting those four items at a total of  $2.50 (before tax)!

Like I mentioned before, don't use an RR when buying something that should give you back an RR- it won't print.  And the only restriction on using the RR is that you can't use all of them on one item, there has to be at least as many items as RRs.

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