Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mid-week Ads (Foodland, Tamuras, Times, Safeway) 12/2-12/8

Did some comparison on overlapping products- best price and where.

Boneless chuck roast: $2.59/lb Tamuras
Wesson oil (tie): 2/$5 Tamuras and Times
Del Monte ketchup: $.99 Tamuras
Egg Nog: $1.99 Tamuras
Pork Butt: $.99/lb Foodland
Meadow Gold twin pops: $1.79 Tamuras
Golden curry: $2.09 Tamuras
Yoplait yogurt (tie): $.60 ea Times and Safeway (must buy 8 at Safeway)
Blue bunny ice cream: $3.99 Times, $.01 more at Foodland
Navel oranges: $.79/lb Times
Bananas: $.79/lb Tamuras
Powerade: $.79 ea Times
Kraft bag shredded or chunk cheese: $1.99 Safeway
Coconut milk (can): 5/$6 Foodland
Pasta/Rice sides: $1.69 Foodland

**Tamuras sale goes until 12/15!

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