Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Bathroom Tissue Issue

There are no new ads this week- most stores are keeping the same as the ads from December 16.

Instead I wanted to share something that I've found useful, especially when shopping for paper products. 
Diane Hopkin's blog talks about how she figures out whether or not she's getting a good deal on TP or any other paper product.  It doesn't matter how many rolls, 1-ply or 2-ply.  What you need to look at is the square footage and divide it from the price to see what you are paying per square foot.  She tries to be at a penny per square foot or less to know she is getting a good deal.  I'm not sure how close to that we are going to get here, but we can help each other try!  

We should definitely start having some BPOI contests- help each other find the best/stock-up prices.  We'll take it one type of item at a time.  Meat is another one I need to look at more- what are the best prices per pound for chicken/beef/pork?

Anyway, lets start with paper products and see where the best deals are- is buying in bulk from Costco really the cheapest?
Foodland has Cottonelle on sale this week for $3.99 (need square footage)
Safeway has Brawny and Quilted Northern for $8.99 (also need square footage)
Costco we can compare name brand versus store brand.  I did compare one time and thought that store brand would have been less- but it wasn't!

Anyone going by any of these stores or others, please look up price and square foot! 

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Martha said...

The CDC (Campus Distribution Center) at BYU sells a case of Scott Toilet Paper for $46.70 for 80 rolls. You have to be an employee at BYU to get this deal. I've never found cheaper or better paper than Scott. They usually run about $1 a roll at Costco. It's a little bit of a pain to get this, but it lasts our family of 8 three months. You have to go to the CDC in the back of Physical plant and get an invoice, then go to the Cashier's Office to pay for it, then back to the CDC to pick it up.