Sunday, November 15, 2009

Walmart Wins...

Hey... it's Jenny here... I'm still learning and can definitely say that I am still in shock at the inflation of food prices since I've come...

So while we've been looking for all these deals, I've had to keep some things in mind about coupons and getting the best of the best deal!..... here's a quick story:

While living in Pennsylvania, and with Wal-Mart being 2 minutes away... I got a job as a Pharmacy Tech and learned so much... not only about medicine and customer service but also how Wal-Mart works. Many of us know that Wal-Mart matches prices.... but actually, they take it alot more seriously than you think.

As I worked, I noticed that there was a particular worker came in only on the weekends and Wednesdays. She did something simple, like clipping coupons, comparing our (Walmart's) prices, and changing our prices to match or beat the other stores. Wow! I saw them beating prices by $.10 to sometimes over $1. I didn't think much of it until Saturday when we were shopping for those fun baking items for the Holidays.

Are you ever really in the mood to fight the crowds in one store let alone all the stores with great deals and coupons? I've had such success in Wal-Mart and their coupon matching! I know that they probably don't have "Coupon Clippers" as a job description in this economy, but I'm sure they are keeping up with it. You'll notice their price changes and the competitive stores coupon next to it.... Kinda like saying "HA! We beat you!" Who doesn't like to win?

So basically, if you aren't in the mood to hit Times, Longs, Safeway, Foodland AND Walmart... Try Walmart first with your coupons and maybe it'll save you some time, and definitely some MOOLA!

Happy Shopping!!

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