Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tip of the day: Black Friday

So how many of you are getting excited for all the Black Friday deals?? Black Friday is a huge tradition between me and my hubby, but it's our first time shopping on this crazy day in Hawaii. If there is one big difference of Black Friday shopping in Hawaiii and any other place that I've been... it's that the stores are SO spread out through the island. I mean, there are some always clustered together, but when I am in Kaneohe and I need Walmart, hmmm.... or if I'm in Mililani and need Target, hmmm... So I've been trying to strategize... where to go first, comparing prices and sales, and who's open when!

Luckily I've been apart of a www.blackfriday.info since last year, so I've been getting the releases on the ad's since the beginning of November. This website scopes out the latest and best deals that the stores will be putting out! I am always looking for a good deal and usually have a separate category from the rest of the budgeting just for this day....

It's not too late to sign up and scope the deals for Friday, and be prepared for the next years to come!

**Let us know if you find a sweet deal and where!!**

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