Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Shopping day, part 2- SHOP til you drop!


Lipton dry soup 2/$3 (I use these a lot in my crockpot stroganoff recipe)
Campbell's cream of mushroom 5/$4 (Target is .10 less each, but I don't go out that way)
Chex cereals 2/$5 
Morton salt $.79
Philadelphia cream cheese 2/$4
Swanson chicken broth $.50 ea.
C&H sugar $2.50
White Castle burgers $4.79 just for fun since it was on sale and I had a coupon on top of that.

Sale prices saved me $42.56, coupons were only $.85- but spent $35.88


Their Sunday ad had a ton of coupons.  You can view it here and they usually have copies of it at the door.  They all have limits, but great prices to build your inventory.
Razor: $5.99- $2.00 coupon from Sunday's paper, -$3.00 Register Reward (to use on next purchase) = .99
Peanut Butter 2/$4 (I had a coupon if you bought 2 PB, you get free bread or $2 off bread- they didn't have any that were under $2, so I bought the bread for $1.69)
Curling ribbon 3/$1
Scotch tape $.50 ea
Ziploc $1.99 each - $1 off coupon from Sunday's paper
Revlon Colorsilk $2.49 (time for highlights, Jen!)
Cream of Chicken  $1 ea.
Green Giant veggies $.79 ea.
French's onions $1.29 each
Ocean Spray cranberries $.99 ea.
Vitamin water $.99 ea.

Saved $35.35, Spent $31.58


C&H Sugar $2.49 ea
SPAM $1.99 ea (Sunday ad had $1.00 off 4 coupon)= $1.74 ea.
**Flour $1.39 ea (BEST PRICE)
Keebler graham pie crust $1.49
McCormick vanilla $2.19
Crispix $2.19
Gift wrap $.99 ea.

Saved $41.14, Spent $34.46


This was my biggest purchase, but the Sunday ad showed all these crazy extra coupons that I had never seen before but you also have to use the coupons, see the: (!):

Granola bars: $1.49 each (!)
Pineapple: 8/$10 + eCoupon
Spanish rice: 2/$4 + coupon from Sunday's paper
Ritz Crackers $4.99 each, B1G1 free + $1 off from Sunday's paper
Saltines: $1.75 each (!)

Baby stuff:
$24.99 Enfamil formula, with a $5 check from Enfamil and $5 register reward from previous formula purchase
Huggies or Pampers Jumbo size, $9.99 ea (!) plus the eCoupons and manufacturers coupons on top of that.  That is the best base price you can get on diapers, then I had $7.50 more off with eCoupons and $11 more in manufacturers coupons.  
**Pull-ups were $17.99 and counted for the $9.99 base price deal, and got a $2 eCoupon and had a $3 manufacturers!  Started at $65.95 for all 5 packages, ended up at $33.45 or $6.69 per package!  Safeway is my favorite!
Saved $88.99, spent 80.46 
Overall: got $394.28 worth of groceries for $182.38.  If I printed coupons (you can do two of each item at coupons.com), I'm sure I could lower that.  Please convince me that printing all those coupons is worth it. But I don't want this site to be about clipping coupons even though it does save you money.  You need a good deal in effect before you even consider using the coupon!

Thank you Jenny, Kylee and Bryson for putting up with my madness.  My cansolidator pantry is getting restocked!

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