Thursday, November 12, 2009

Seasonal Deals

This is the time of year to be buying BAKING and CANNED goods- as you can tell by the deals this week, these items are on sale!   You'll see similar items on sale at each store, but lets try to find the best DEALS (see Times extended sale!):

Items like sugar, flour, nuts, chocolate chips, stuffing mix for the pantry, as well as canned veggies and gravy.  Don't forget butter for the freezer.  Buy extra now to stock up for your food storage!

We'll start putting together our family menus so we will know how much of each item we need to start having on hand for our families.  Having extra on reserve can save your family A LOT of money if you can find a way to budget a little each month now toward things you will eventually need, so you don't have to buy it later and hope it is on sale.

What else do you want to see out of this site?

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