Thursday, November 12, 2009


Safeway has a great program where you can save money without printing or clipping a single coupon!  They are eCoupons that you load onto your Safeway club card- they are even good on the club sale prices.

At, go to the "Our Store" tab and under it will be a link to "Coupons".  From that site alone, there are 4 different sites to add coupons from and many overlap!  (,, and P&GeSaver).  You can also go to and sign up your card separately to get more eCoupons.

Upromise does eCoupons a little different- you don't get the money saved directly, instead they let you upload the eCoupons to your store card and it shows up as a credit to your Upromise balance for your kid's college funds (or yours!).

It doesn't hurt to do all 6 and get as many eCoupons as you can- they usually reset each month, so make sure to go to those sites on the 1st of each month!

If you don't mind printing coupons, you can also print the same ones as the uploaded for 2x the discount!

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