Sunday, November 15, 2009


Aloha- I'm Lindsey, but prefer Linds.  There are two things (besides my family) that I get a rush from: the political process and getting a good deal!  This blog is only going to be about one of them, which is more likely something you also enjoy- saving money!  I am a mom to 4 boys under 7 years old but I can see into the future that someday I could become Mother Hubbard with an empty cupboard if I don't learn how to stock up now!  We have been struggling to keep our food budget at a reasonable place- so I've been really searching for an answer and figured this is something that others could benefit from and also help me with so now we have aloha deals!

Also, I wanted to introduce my sister- Jenny.  She and her family just moved back to Laie from Pennsylvania so she's been trying to rebuild her pantry and has been helping me keep an eye on ads and deals.  Hawaii is expensive after you've been living on the mainland for 5 years!  I can only imagine how crazy I'd go if I went from here to there- and had a basement to store it all in!  She has a little girl almost 9 months old, so she'll be watching the baby food items closely and as she is figuring out Hawaii's stores, she'll share it with us too!

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