Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Foodland 7/20

Maikai Reward- 1 Poke Bowl with Certificate

Boneless, Skinless ChickenBreasts* Prev Frzn. Value Pack. Limit5lbs$2.49 lb
Hormel Always Tender Pork Loin Chops Assorted Bone-In*Limit5lbs$2.79 lb
Oscar Mayer Regular Lunchables3.3-4.5oz. Selected Varieties.10 for $10.00
Party Wings*Frozen. 4lb bag. Limit5$7.99 each
Pork Rib Tips*Frozen.$1.49 lb
premium choice Boneless LondonBroil Steak*$2.99 lb
premium choice BonelessSirloin Tip Roast*limit5lbs$2.99 lb
Red Snapper FilletFresh Airflown $5.99 lb
White Shrimp 51/60ct Frozen*2lb bag Limit5.$8.99 each

Broccoli CrownLimit5lbs.$1.69 lb
Extra Large Navel OrangeLimit5lbs$0.99 lb
Yellow NectarineLimit5lbs$1.19 lb

Best Yet Milk*1/2Gal. Selected Varieties. Limit5.$2.77 each
Meadow Gold Drinks or Teas1/2Gallon. Selected Varieties.$0.89 each
Yoplait Yogurt4-6oz. Selected Varieties.10 for $6.00

Brown 'N Serve Link Sausages*7oz. Selected Varieties.10 for $10.00
Campbell's Family Size Soup26oz. Selected Varieties. Limit6.2 for $4.00
Dasani Water24ct 500ml.2 for $9.00
David's Sunflower orPumpkin Seeds2.25-5.25oz. SelVar. Limit10.10 for $9.00
DiGiorno Rising Crust orCPK Thin Crust Pizza11.5-12inch. Selected Varieties.$5.99 each
Fritos, Cheetos, or Funyun Chips7.75-10.5oz. Selected Varieties.$2.29 each
Hormel Spam Luncheon Meat12oz. Selected Varieties. Limit5.$1.99 each
Kool Aid Jammers10ct 6oz. Selected Varieties.2 for $4.50

SGF Bath Tissues*12 Rolls.$5.99 each
VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner15oz. Selected Varieties.10 for $10.00

(Limits are for Safeway Deal Match only)

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