Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Foodland May 11-17

Maika'i reward: Use 1 certificate to get Sparkle paper towels (3 rolls) FREE

Boneless New York or Rib Eye Steak* Beef, Bone-In. Value Pack. $5.99 lb
White Shrimp, 51/60 count* 2-lb. Bag, Frozen. $8.99 each
Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs* Value Pack. Previously Frozen. $2.49 lb
Boneless Top Round Steak* $2.88 lb
Chicken Thighs Frozen, 5-lb. Box. 2 for $9.00
Pork Butt Roast Bone-In, Frozen. $1.49 lb
Beef Oxtails* Previously Frozen. $2.99 lb
20-Piece Fried Drums and Thighs* $12.00 each
Pork Loin Chops Assorted, Bone-In. $2.79 lb
Pork Rib Tips* Frozen. $1.49 lb
Libby's Vienna Sausage 18Pk/5-oz. $6.99 each

Best Yet Milk* 1/2 Gallon. Sel Var. $2.77 each
Meadow Gold Yogurt 6-oz. Selected Var.  $.80 each

"Delite" Clementines* 2-lb. Bag, Peak Season.  $3.00 each
Seeded or Seedless Watermelon* Local. Whole only. $0.35 lb
Tray Mushroom 8-oz.  $2.50 each
Braeburn Apple. $1.19 lb
Head Cabbage Local. $0.69 lb

Diamond G Calrose Rice* White or Brown 20-lb. Bag. $10.99 each *3x Points
Hinode Rice 5-lbs. Selected Var. $3.99 each
Lee Kum Kee Kum Chun Oyster Sauce 17-oz. $0.99 each
Campbell's Chunky Soup 18.6-19oz. Sel Var.  $2.50 each
Tiger's Milk Bar 1.2-oz. $0.69 each
Hostess Twinkies, HoHo's or Cupcakes 10-15oz. $4.59 each
Hershey's Bagged Candy 10.2-13oz. Sel Var.  $3.00 each
Best Yet Bag Cereal* 32-oz. Selected Var. $3.99 each 
Lawry's Garlic Salt 11-oz. $2.50 each 
Kettle Brand Chips $2.00 each
  • $1/1 Kettle Brand Potato Chips 3/20/2011 RP Insert (exp 5/14/2011)   

Dasani Water 24/500-ml.$4.00 each  *3x Points
Meadow Gold POG or Haleakala Iced Tea Gallon. $3.99 each
Meadow Gold Orange Juice 1/2 Gallon. Selected Var.  $2.75 each
Pepsi 36-Pack 36/12-oz. Selected Varieties. $9.99 each

Mamma Bella Garlic Bread or Toast 13.25-14oz. Selected Var.  $2.75 each
Love's Hawaii's Hearth Bread 24-oz. Selected Var. $2.25 each
Cottonelle Bath Tissue Double 12-Rolls. $6.99 each

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