Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welch's Fruit Snacks: from a picky mom

Yes, I admit it- I'm a picky mom.  My kids can't watch certain shows if they drive me batty and I see no educational value in them, they can't play until they finish homework and do chores and they can't eat junk.

Our diets have completely changed since I started this couponing thing. More fresh and less additives in foods- a makeover we really needed. 

I did find that Welch's fruit snacks actually uses real fruit juice and has vitamins in it- A, E and lots of vitamin C!  Those alone help me feel good about giving it to my kids as snacks since we do a lot less candy and cookies these days.  (My 8-year old made a comment the other day, "I haven't had an Oreo since I was 6!")

And what a fun variety- white grape raspberry, white grape peach, fruit punch, strawberry, grape, mixed fruit, berries & cherries and island fruits!  There's even a reduced sugar choice.
I need to try this one!

Welch's fruit snacks is having a Fandemonium contest on Facebook- you post a picture of yourself or family eating Welch's fruit snacks and can be highlighted as "Official Fans of the Month"!

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