Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cookies without butter!

 Today is my oldest son's 8th birthday.  He wanted nothing but to take a treat to his class.  I told him I would bring some chocolate chip cookies to his class.  I got started while the little one was down for a nap and started to get out my ingredients- NO BUTTER!  I had been wanting to go through my freezer before I bought anything, and we are using up what's in it this month as part of the Pantry Challenge.

Then I remembered something from my I can't believe it's Food Storage book- you can use beans as a butter/oil substitute.  So I got started.

Tip: Use the same color of bean to match the batter of what you are making.

1. Boil 1 cup dry beans to 10 cups water- I used 1 cup.
2. Let soak for an hour

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3. Strain beans, reserving the soaking water
4. Blend beans and reserved water

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5. Use the same amount as what the recipe calls for

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6. Cook, using recipe instructions

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The 1 cup of dry beans made about 5 cups of substitute.  A friend of mine shared that she even uses this as baby food- just put in ice cube tray and thaw what you need at a time.



SnoWhite said...

I've always been an applesauce substituter... have you also tried applesauce? How do the beans compare? For cookies, applesauce makes a really moist cookie; it doesn't quite get crunchy. Are beans the same way?

Sarah @ Mum In Bloom said...

This is an AMAZING tip! Who knew? I forwarded it to my friend who just found out she has IBS & is making lots of diet changes. Thanks for sharing :)