Monday, September 20, 2010

P90X: Phase 1 menu plan

My husband successfully completed P90X on his own.  He did take a week off when he had pink eye and it was at its worst, but other than that, he didn't miss a day!  It takes a lot of commitment to do this program.  We try to do our part to support by not having foods around the house that he can't eat.  My kids are dying for a bag of cookies, but we do that when we go out instead of bringing it back home.
He has done some changes along the way starting a few years ago when he started at 235 lbs, first stopped eating fast food (they were working on Molokai, so that helped a lot since the only fast food is Subway), then he stopped drinking soda- it's been 2 years!  Those two things helped him lose about 20 lbs and it's helped our budget too!
The week before he started P90X, he did a GNC cleanse which is VERY restrictive and has an exercise plan.  This way, the P90X meal plan was a step up from what he was doing previously so it seemed easier.  He also lost about 10 lbs that week.
From June until now, he's lost another 30 lbs- so 60 in all!  And he wants to keep up with it, so round 2 is starting today. 
I went through the meal plan book and did some substitutions since he is a picky eater (no tomatoes, mushrooms).  And he's more concerned with the calories suggested than following what the book says.

I have noticed a change in our shopping as well- shopping less in the middle aisles (prepared, processed foods) and more on the outside aisles- this is where the fresh and healthy things are.  Doing more bulk shopping and freezing meals so I just have to heat up later as well.  This has also been a part of why we've changed the focus of the blog and still getting you linked to the store deals at other blogs. 
So here is what he'll be eating the first month:
boiled eggs
English muffin
cottage cheese/fruit
AM snack-
lean shake
Turkey sandwich
Chicken salad
Veggie burger
PM snacks-
granola bar
cottage cheese
Recovery drink after workout
Salmon, asparagus, brown rice
Honey-mustard chicken, sugar-snap peas
Beef-broccoli stirfry with miso noodles
Lemon chicken and wild rice
Turkey with gravy and steamed veggies
Have you tried P90X or thinking about it?  Join in and share your progress!

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