Monday, August 16, 2010

Family Central: Household week- Weekly chores

Can you really list all the things you want to get done around the house in a week?

How about start here (print) and add what's missing or take away the things you don't need.

Then, look at your weekly routine and assign a day for those jobs on your routine list.
I like to spread out my laundry throughout the week (2 loads a day at least) but leave Saturday open in case I need a day for catch-up or just so we have a free day for family fun.

You can assign your days by zones: living room, kitchen, kids rooms, master bedroom or by job: floors, dust, declutter, etc. 

Try to think of the most logical way of dividing out your tasks so that one day isn't overloaded and others aren't unless it is one of your fuller days outside the home and you hit "clean out the fridge day" the day before the garbage is collected.  Some may require more than one day of the week, just do what is the most logical for you and your family.

Now that it's down on paper, you can use this as your weekly reminder of things to do.  If you don't get to something that week, don't get hard on yourself- just make sure you do it first the following week and then continue your list as you have it down.

You can also assign times of day for your daily and weekly chores.  I did really well (and need to again) when I had this routine down.

Which days are the best to shop during the week?  Do you know why?

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