Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Central- Emergency week: Kit list

Saved this for a Saturday project:

Today you are going to get out your Emergency kit (or start one) and keep a list of what's in it.  You can also put expiration dates so you'll see when it's time to rotate items.

Here's a printable basic list to start out with- customize to your family's needs and preferences:
Printable list

If you have a 72-hour kit, try to find ways to expand it a few more days (light sticks, food/water).  Being as isolated as we are, it would take at least a week before any help could make a plan and reach us.

One more tip for your kit- use all those documents you scanned/copied earlier this week and save them on a USB memory stick.  Also take pictures of the contents of your home and save them on there as well.  Update every 6 months.

Is there a better list you've used?
What other ways have you gotten your family prepared for an emergency?

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