Monday, August 30, 2010

$100 a week budget: Can you do this in Hawaii?

The end of each month, I like to look at where our money went (cause I keep track as I go along) and how the different categories worked out.  I wanted to challenge myself to see if we could only spend $100 a week for groceries and dining budget for our family of 6 (2 adults, 4 boys under 8 years old).  We're also using more of the stockpile that I've been building over the last 9 months.
One way I've been able to be more accountable is by using cash more often, once I'm out- that's it.
(Dave Ramsey says you spend 12-15% more with plastic).
I started with $100 on Friday, our payday, to see if we could do it- covering food and meals out from Saturday until the next Friday.  At this point, I have spent $42, so I have $57 and some change leftover. 
  • The baby is now 1 and drinking whole milk, so we aren't doing formula anymore, and I did a Costco run last week- will have to save up part of other weeks before I go back there. 
  • My husband is also doing P90X, so lots of different produce needed in that diet- we'll live more off of what is in our freezer and some fresh foods for him.  I'll be sharing our menus for those phases when he starts over.
Those two things are where most of our budget will be going- yay for $.19 watermelon starting on Wednesday!
What budget tricks have you learned?


Sun with Passing Showers said...

I like to buy much of my produce at a Farmer's Market. The Thursday morning one in Kailua is my favorite. I need to do a little more price comparison, but from what I've done so far the prices at the Farmer's Mkt. are good. Plus I like buying local!

Kristen said...

keep spare change in a jar. By the end of the year we have at least $60 bucks. :)

Dee Aki-Kauwe said...

I don't carry my debit or credit cards with me anymore (more by force than by choice). Being an impulse shopper I found that I don't buy what I don't need. I've only spent $10 this week so far. I've been using my stockpile and frozen foods to make meals. This has been an eye opening experience. Who knows how long it will last, but I'm enjoying saving money now :)