Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hawaii Price Book!

Now that we are working with other sites to do store deals, we are going to focus on a Hawaii Price Book- something we've wanted to do since we started Aloha Deals!

Store match ups can only cover the BEST prices of the week, but what if there's something else you want to get?  This is what the PRICE BOOK is set up for!  This is mainly a guide so you will know if an item is a good price or not.  We will also find out our STOCK UP prices and list or link to coupons this way!(Scroll to the right to see stock up and coupons)

For this week only, the price book is the current price- after this, only the BOLD will be current.  It is set up by category- right now we have our meat section set up- you can see the item, which price is best and which store had that price.  You will find it in our side bar on the right- Hawaii Price Book

The price book will be something that we need YOUR help with as well- if you are checking on something you see in an ad and you find a price LOWER than what is already on the Price Book, please let us know!  There is a Form under the Price Book to fill out so we can update with the information you find!  We also want to compare with Costco- so please send in those prices if you have any.

So what other categories do you want to see?

Edit: It is now linked in our tab across the top: HI Price Book

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