Saturday, July 31, 2010

August project: Family Central binder

Some people call it a Home Management binder, others call it a Control Journal- we're calling it "Family Central". 

At the end of the month, you will have everything your family needs in one central location- calendars, schedules, routines, menus, shopping lists, emergency info and planning and lots more!  Each day will be a piece of the Family Central binder so we can built it together a little at a time- each will be customized to your family's needs and information.  This will be your resource.

It's been something on our mental to-do list forever!  We have read how useful this is for families to run their homes- it keeps it going even in the most difficult times.  One family shared how their mom kept a binder like this, until she got in a tragic accident and died.  The husband didn't know what to do about bills or who to call until they pulled out her binder- she even had put in her emergency section, "What to do if I pass away" with all her wishes and even wrote a letter to each family member- her last words to them all.  Not only did the binder help them keep the household running, it also helped them get some finality that they felt was missing.

We wanted to start this sooner, but waited until kids start school so you can participate.  After trying the coupon binder, we wanted to find a better purpose for those folders we bought instead of letting them go to waste.  Please join us and our step by step approach to putting your Family Central binder together!


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