Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tip Tuesday: All*You and it's benefit to ME & YOU!

You can officially call me crazy for two reasons: 

1. I bought a magazine JUST to cut it all up.
2. I waited 6 months TOO long to follow Lindsey's advice on getting my own All*You magazine.

Last week I finally purchased my first All*You magazine.  I was getting my 6 packages of pampers wipes for $.37 each (!!!) by using my $2 off coupons and saw it while waiting in line... I flipped through, saw a few coupons and added it to my check out pile... I thought... "hmmmm, $2.49 isn't that bad since I'm saving $12 on 6 packs of wipes!" 

I got home and started to really look through it.  Coupons, coupons, coupons were everywhere!  I post for Target and a few other stores, so I've seen when the database says we can use the coupons from our magazine... I just figure I'll be able to save on something else.  Well, now I'm completely convinced that I need to subscribe. 

It took me about 20 minutes to flip through, cut, cut, cut and ended up with 40+ coupons to add to my coupon box.  Holy Moly!! 

I am a very happy coupon-er and very excited to get my subscription!


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Sy's_momma said...

I read somewhere that the subscriptions sometimes don't have the same coupons as the stand ones.