Saturday, June 5, 2010

Super Savings for Savvy Saturday!

For those that have do or don't have kids, you'll notice many posts and announcements are given for baby items that are on sale.  It's just plain expensive to provide for a child if you let it.

I never used coupons in my daughters first 10 months of life, and have seen a big difference while I get ready for the baby on the way! I've been watching the Similac sales and diaper sales to accumulate.  I only have 8 weeks (or less) to be ready.   I finally found a great sale to use my $2 off Similac coupons on.  Target has their Similac (23.2 oz) formula for $21 and with the coupon it came to $19.   Formula is HARDLY under $25, even when you buy it at Costco.  I stocked up!

I also noticed my diaper coupons were expiring soon, so I loaded up on more Size 1's.  It was a successful trip to target with:

3 (23.2 oz) Similac formula
+ 1 box of Size 1 (92 diapers)
+ 1 plastic container
+ 1 box of envelopes
+1 pkg of tissue paper (for wrapping and gift bags)
+ 4 Herbal Essense conditioners (used my rain check and $1 off coupon =  $1.50)
+ 2 gerber toddler snacks (used my $.55 off when you buy 2, sale was 2 for $4 so it was $3.45 for two!)
- $10 accumulated gift card from past shopping trips!

All for the grand total of $81.04

I am pretty excited about this and just wanted to share how much it can save to accumulate and hold on to all your coupons.  You never know what you may need to stock up on!!

Happy Shopping!!


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