Friday, June 11, 2010

Safeway- Just 4 U Hawaii!

Safeway's new Just 4 U program is starting in Hawaii on Monday (6/14).  What is it?

Just 4 U is a program that sorts, organizes and gives individualized deals to Club Card holders.  There are 3 parts to it:

Personalized Deals:

These are based on your shopping history (after 90 days for new card members) and personalized Just 4 U.  These prices are available for unlimited use on the item for a certain amount of time- at this time they go until August 31, but new ones with different expiration dates will be added as it goes along.  

You won't see these prices in the store, these are only specifically for your use.  The bottom of your receipt will show a separate section for Just 4 U savings, even after the Club Card and coupon savings.

If a Club Card sale price beats your Personalized Deal, the lower price will be honored.  
BANANAS - Bananas Golden Ripe perlb
Your Price $0.69
Personalized Price
One of my personalized deals- now I know that will be my price per lb until 8/31 unless they have a better Club Card sale price.

You can use either a manufacturer's OR store coupon with your Personlized Deals price.

They do comparisons with other stores (like Walmart Supercenters) and tell you which location they used and what date they did their last comparison.  They don't consider it a price match, but they do beat prices in some cases!

Nabisco Oreo Cookies 15-18oz
Personalized Price $2.90
Walmart $2.98

Coupon Center:

This is like their Coupon Link area that we've been using to load ecoupons, they will deduct like a regular ecoupon transaction.

I had about 170 ecoupons after I signed up and came back to select what I'd use!

This is where I had some questions- when you have a paper coupon and an ecoupon on the same item, you may only use one (based on their new coupon policy).  If you would prefer to use a paper coupon because it is higher, you need to have them scan it before they let hit "total" and the ecoupons are deducted.

This is the example I used with them- I have a personalized price and an ecoupon on this item, but I also have $1 off Activia coupons from inserts, so they finally had an answer for me and said to just use the paper one first, only one coupon can be applied per item.
ACTIVIA® - any 4-pack of ACTIVIA®, ACTIVIA® Light, ACTIVIA® Drinks, ACTIVIA® Fiber or any ACTIVIA® 24 oz
$0.50 OFF
One-Time Coupon

Club Card Specials:
These change with the weekly sales and point out some of your most commonly bought items and their current price. 

Grapes Red Seedless
Reg. Price
      Save Up To
           67%            6/9-

You can select this to go on your shopping list, so you remember when the sale ends and can check off grapes while you're in the store.

Other tips to mention:

You can combine all of these into one shopping list and email it to yourself or print it out to take it with you.  Or you can email yourself the lists individually (Deals, Coupons and Club offers)

It would be a good idea to keep your account updated before your shopping trips- you can sign up for Just 4 U email reminders when new Personalized Deals or Coupons are ready.

Updates take 30 minutes to be active on your card. 

Everyone who joins gets a free dozen of Lucerne eggs!

If you have any other questions, call 1-877-SAFEWAY and mention this program or read their FAQ

We're excited to go test out this new feature and tell you about it next week, including a gift card contest so sign up now and stay tuned!

(All examples shown were from my personalized account- yours will be different)
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