Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just 4 U- Safeway review- Part II and CONTEST!

Had to try it out Monday morning- although it sounds like it worked earlier for some of you!

Before shopping: I combined the 3 areas and checked off what I wanted to remember to get, and printed my list!  The list is kept together by aisle/type of food, so you can really organize your trip.  Then I could pull out my paper coupons to have them ready for check out (much faster for shopping with kids as well).  I wanted to do something with an ecoupon so I starred those items.

At Store: Everything I had starred for ecoupons was out, but those should work like normal.

Checking out: I still tested out the Personalized price deals and it worked great!

Club card price for bananas were $1.09/lb and my price is $.69/lb- all it took was swiping my card and it went through!  You don't even see the $1.09 price on the receipt.

There were issues with my paper coupon, but they still entered it in and it was fine.

At the bottom of my receipt, there was an area for "Just 4 U" savings, so I could see how much I saved using my prices vs. the Club card prices.  I saved $.85 just with my personalized banana/lb price!

This will make shopping trips quicker and easier!  You can join and have your own special prices!

Safeway has asked us to share this review in exchange for a $50 Safeway gift card- including one for our readers!  How to enter to win:

1. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment here.  (If you are already, leave a comment.)
2. Email this post link to 5 friends (bcc us alohadeals @gmail.com- no spaces) so they can learn about it.  If they enter with any of these options and tell us who referred them, you both get an entry!

3. Try out Just 4 U- write a blog and share the link or email us about it with any pictures (we may share here or on FB).

Some ideas to test for your entry: using with ecoupon, using paper coupon before ecoupon (swipe Club card after coupon just to be safe), finding a lower sale price than your personalized price and see which one is honored.  Compare with the Club card and your personalized price in your post.  

Another thing to try is if they'll redeem your Walgreen's RRs (take new policy with you) while you are there.

Entries must be made by Saturday, June 19 at 11:59pm HST.  Winner will be revealed on Monday morning (21st).

The intro to the Just 4 U program is HERE


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