Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ordering coupons

When you know of a sale or Catalina lasting for a while, you can ORDER coupons so you know you'll have what you need and be able to stock up.  If you get a rain-check for 30 days from a store, this is also a good time to look into ordering.

There are services that you can order specific coupons from- like the Kraft dressings since we know that Catalina will be going for a few weeks.  They won't sell you the coupon for the coupon amount, but they sell it to you for a handling fee, which varies depending on the amount of the coupon.

For the Kraft dressing, I've found $1/2 Kraft 14-16 oz for $.07 handling.
This means saving you $.43 off each bottle, plus getting the Catalina back.  (Maybe get a Catalina off Catalina dressing?)

It's best to put as much in your orders at once, so the shipping cost can spread out among your purchase as well.  Some sites have a minimum purchase order, some also sell inserts- there are links on our page (see bottom) you can use as a resource.

We have a few to try:
Coupon Clipping Crew - this one had the $1/2 dressing for .07 ea
The Coupon Clippers

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