Saturday, April 24, 2010

Windex deal at Safeway (details)- MORE THAN FREE!

Here's how to get 4 bottles of windex and make $1:

Before going to the store:
Print these $1 off coupons (you will have 2- I had some from inserts as well)

At the store:
Safeway has them for $2.50 when you buy 3, with $2 back for every 2 you buy.
BUY 4!
Use the 2 printed coupons (or more if you have them) at check out
Total: $8 but get $4 back for your next purchase- makes it $4 remaining or $1 each!

When you get home:
Submit for a $5 SC Johnson rebate (when you buy 3)- you have an extra $1!

And some of you reading this are probably asking yourself- do I need that much Windex?  When it's free- yes!  We like to use this for almost anything in our house and having a few extra makes it so you won't have to go out an buy it when you run out of the first bottle.  On my trip last week to Walmart I compared the price of what we used to pay- $4.50 for one!  You can get 4 for less than that even before the rebate!

I take the rebate money and put it back into our food budget, so it is something I do to keep cycling the money back in.



Jan said...

Thanks Linds. I'm going to really start working hard at this. I just now finished your Boot Camp but have questions still.
1. the $1 off coupons: How come we will only have 2? Is that the max you're allowed to print??
2. Safeway has them for $2.50 when you buy three or when you buy AT LEAST 3? It looks like you can buy 4 for $2.50 each? You don't need to buy in increments of 3's?

JLPierce Ohana said...

Only 2 are allowed to print. If you have others (like from newspaper), you can use one per item (I had 4).

AT LEAST 3, doesn't have to be increments of 3.

Thanks for helping me know what I needed to clarify.

moana blogger said...

i use windex on ceramic tile. makes mine clean up nicely with a bit of a shine. love the lavender smelling windex but the chance of getting it at safeway, i bet, is slim. i'm guessing the safeway price is only good until tuesday, right?

JLPierce Ohana said...

Multi-Surface Anti-Bacterial, Crystal Rain and Vinegar varieties are the ones participating at Safeway. The vinegar barely has any smell. I think it goes for one more week after Tuesday.