Wednesday, April 21, 2010

White bean chicken chili- for Ultimate recipe swap

My family doesn't do tomatoes (mostly my hubby), so we have a different version of chili than the con carne.

2 cups dried small white navy bean
water (amount depends on what it needs to soak beans)

1 can chicken broth
3 cups chicken (I use frozen tenderloins)
1 can salsa verde
2 C. shredded Monterey Jack cheese (8ounces)
Sour cream

1. Soak beans overnight (I always forget and have to do it the next morning).  If you don't, soak the beans in the water and chicken broth on low heat in the crockpot the next morning.
2. About 3 hours before mealtime, add the chicken and put on high heat.
3. About half an hour before mealtime, add salsa verde, cheese and sour cream

Day 1 we do the local way: on rice
Day 2 we give it the mexican flair- tortillas, refried beans and the rest of the sour cream

*Participating in's Ultimate recipe swap.  This week: beans and lentils.


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