Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Living on an island means being considerate

We all know that there is just something satisfying about getting an awesome deal- but living on an island, we are more restricted in supply than the mainland.

Example #1: Target had that great Schick razor sale last week.  I don't make it out there often, but hoped they would have had at least 2.  Someone checked the Kapolei store on Wednesday and a cashier said someone had bought 20 of them at full price- no coupons!  That left none for my friend or anyone else at that store the rest of the week.  Same thing when we went to the Salt Lake store a few days later.

Example #2: Walgreen's has the free (after RR) shave gel this week and the Kaneohe store is out, and it's Tuesday morning.  It's a great deal when the RR is rolling- so you basically pay once and get the rest for free over and over again- but then that leaves those who need it without. 

I almost want the stores to put limits on the sales because they don't have time to ship in more during a sale period- so what they have is all we can pick from.

One of the nice things is that stores rotate their sales, so it is bound to come back again- take some for now and get more later at the next sale.  Let others be thrifty as well.

(Whoops, scheduled it for the wrong date- reposting)


Rach said...

seriously we I went to use my coupons for the Easter candy & such, they said that just the day before they had sold out. BUMMER!

Anonymous said...

It can be so frustrating. If I have a ton of like coupons I only pick up 2 or 3 of the item per shopping trip. It is unfortunate that people like to wipe out the shelves.

And Mahalo plenty for the inserts. I just got them today! :)

moana blogger said...

if you run into problems with stock running out b/c the store didn't put enough out and/or some other shopper has hogged the sale items, ask an employee when they get more product in and when they restock it. then try to make sure you shop there on the re-stocking day (or the next day).HTH