Friday, April 30, 2010

Price-matching at Target or Walmart saves trips!

When you only have time for one or two stops, places like Target and Wal-mart are best. 

On a quick trip in town today, I had a few coupons I needed to use before the sales ended- one was at Longs and the other was at Walgreens.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that Wal-mart had already had my items priced down to match the other stores' sales, but if not I would have had to get out the store advertisements to get the prices matched.

I wouldn't want to do any items that would have gotten Register Rewards or Catalinas, because Wal-mart/Target wouldn't match the deal, but they will on the price.  You also can't show them a % off deal or $ off and they match that.  Just the cost of the like item listed in the ad.

I got free Halls ($.97 ea. like Longs with $1/1 coupon)!

Target price-matching policy print
Wal-mart price-matching policy print




Dee Aki-Kauwe said...

Went to walmart with a $1 off coupon. Item was .97 cents. The coupon wasn't honored. The register "beeped" not allowing the coupon to go through. Does this mean that the item needs to be over the $1 coupon?

JLPierce Ohana said...

was that the only thing you bought? i had a bunch of other things- sometimes they can price down the coupon but they really should give it to you cause they get the full amount anyway. can't have overage with no other items.