Thursday, April 8, 2010


So now that you have learned all this information, the next step to learning all this information is APPLYING IT!
I am a hands on learner and have only gained more from saving by going out and shopping.  When it comes to preparing, I do a few things to get ready:

1. Read the ads on
I use the ads mostly as a guide to what I should buy for the week.  I have a good idea of what is in my home, what we like to eat and what we need to make it.  I've opened our menu up to sale items and haven't heard any complaints from the hub yet.

2. Pay attention to the coupon links and tips of how to find coupons (upload coupons on Safeway card, inserts, coupon website, & in-ad coupons)
      2a.  print out the ones I want, pull out coupons from my organizer that I am going to hope to use.
I have two types of organizers. 

The first one is for ALL of the coupons.  I use a wallet size organizer with dividers labeled to help me know where to find my coupons.  Another way is to use a binder and baseball card inserts.  Do what works for you. (This is the type we are giving away this week in our contest!  Get your entries in!)

3. Organize my coupons by store in my store organizer (small accordion folder-wallet size, has a section for each store)
I have an organizer for the stores.  It's the same idea of a wallet size and dividers.  I use it to store my specific store Catalina's, and where to put my coupons I want to use while on the actual shopping trip. 

4. Make my list for each store
My weekly shopping trips consist of Walgreen's and Safeway.  They are close together in Kaneohe, which makes the trips very productive. My list for Walgreens consists of 2 columns.  The first one is: Transaction 1, and the second one is: Transaction 2.  Since I live further away from Walgreens, I like to use my Register Rewards [RR immediately.  My first transaction includes the items that will give me the RR's back.  The second transaction utilizes the [RR]'s.  Remember that a [RR] is counted as a coupon.  Walgreens only allows 1 coupon per item which if you have an coupon already for each item, the [RR] won't be used.  
**You can use cheap "filler" items (gum, candy, etc) that don't need coupons so that the [RR] will work. A good filler item this week are the 3/$1 W toothbrushes in-ad coupon. Walgreen's coupons don't count toward the # of coupons used (1 coupon per item purchased).

Safeway's list is organized by transaction if there are Catalina's (like last month's CHILL deal- I would get my $10 back and use it on the next transaction).  No matter the amount of columns per list, an (*) is put next to the item if I have a coupon.  That way, I make sure it's used at the register.  I get too flustered and usually miss out on a sale if I organize while at the store.  I do have a section of "maybe" coupons which is when I compare the store price with my coupon and weigh it out with my need/want for the item.  I usually see it within the next couple of weeks in the ads, which allows me to walk away and not spend more than I need.

Another suggestion to organizing your transactions would be to use your cart.  If the kid section is available, us that smaller part as the items that you need to get coupons out for (extra items you found on sale, or your maybe items)  Then use your main part as the items you already know you are prepared for.

You don't have to do multiple transactions if you don't want to.  Just keep an eye on the expiration date of those Catalinas and RR's.

Contest day 4:  Today you're going to show us and OTHERS what you've learned from Aloha Deals either during BOOT CAMP or in the past and share the link ( or any specific post that helped you).  There are 3 ways to enter, you can do one or all!

You can write a BLOG (and post your link in comments), EMAIL to your friends (and BCC only) or post on FACEBOOK (type in "@Aloha Deals", not copy and paste, in your status so we can see your thoughts on our page).  If we can't see your post, the entry can't count.
Winner will either get newspaper inserts or the coupon organizer!

Facebook contest day 4: on our page, go to SUGGEST THIS tab and after you confirm you are a fan- SUGGEST Aloha Deals to your friends!  Winner will get an assisted shopping trip to the store of your choice!


Rach said...

so fun. I love those books. I have seen them at yard sales & hope to find them again...or win one!!!

Here is my fb post:!/profile.php?id=526333549&ref=nf

Dee Aki-Kauwe said...

Did I do that right?

Deal I got today:
Safeway: $11.99 pack of Huggies diapers. Used SC to get pack for $9.99. Added ecoupon for $3.00 off. Used $3.00 clipped coupon for another $3.00 off. $3.99 after all coupons.

NOTICE!! Target Kapolei is out of the Scheik womens shavers that are on sale for $7.49 buy 2 get a $5 gift card. No rain checks available.