Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thrifty Thursday- Using your savings to give to others.

One of the great parts about shopping and couponing is that you are adding a little extra into your stock here and there and soon you have more than you could ever need!

When the Samoa tsunami happened, it was so awesome to go and hear that they had been flooded by donations and filled up the shipping containers within hours.

This week as part of the church youth conference, they will be giving service by collecting items for a local charity group, H-5 (Hawaii Helping the Hungry Have Home) on Saturday morning from 9-10:30 at the BYUH parking lot.  They are looking for:
  • bottled water
  • canned goods
  • first aid items
  • cereals
  • blankets
  • towels
  • clothing
  • hygiene products
  • baby food in cans
Most cheap or free items can easily fall under one of those categories, so please take a look at what you have and can give this weekend!

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