Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tip Tuesday: Reading store write ups

This isn't to make anyone feel inadequate to start saving. It maybe be overwhelming to dissect what the deal is saying and actually means.  I was confused for quite a while until we got into writing, blogging and tracking. I had to learn this coupon language.

Translating the sales:
Example 1: Olay Quench body lotion $7.99, get free Olay in-shower body lotion
use 2 $1/1 coupons from 2/14 RP or 3/7 PG
Rebate here after purchase (Thanks to My Frugal Adventures)- you will get the $7.99!

When you see something like this ---- what do you think? $1/1? RP? PG? Rebate?

There's a 'short hand' to sites that list the ad sales. Lets translate this ad about the Olay Quench body lotion.

First you'll see that these coupons were found in the RP or Red Plum and the PG or P&G inserts. Inserts can be found in the Sunday paper. Another insert that you may find in there is the SS or Smart Source. These coupons are in small unstapled sections that are between the comics (in the Advertiser).

Looking at the ad listed, we know that the sale is listed at $7.99. The second line gets tricky. The $1/1 = $1 off 1 item which in this case is the Olay Quench body lotion. It continues with the date 2/14 or February 14th when the coupon was found in the Red Plum (RP) ad. It was listed again on 3/7 or March 7th in the P&G (PG) ad.

Many bloggers work together to share information to find more coupons printable which can be used (1 per item) at the register or a rebate, mailed in after purchase. This rebate hint was given by My Frugal Adventures which you will receive $7.99 in the mail. 

Links:  don't ignore the links or highlighted words in blue.  If there are printable coupons, they are directly connected to the blog and phrase about the deal.  Also, check out the other blogs with great deals that are known nationally that Hawaii can benefit from too.  We will definitely keep everyone up to date as possible, but love to give credit to those that assisted us in finding another good deal!
All that for a simple savings right?

Lets try another one. One you'll probably see more often. Once you understand, you won't spend hours staring at the numbers, capital letters and italics figuring out what this all means.

Example 2: Yoplait yogurts 10/$5 print coupon 1x- get 6 for $2.50 or 2x- 12 for $5

This ad is saying that if you buy 10 Yoplait yogurts you can get it for $5.00. We added in a link for a coupon which says that you can get $.50 off of a minimum of 6 yogurts. You have to buy a minimum of 6 yogurts to use the coupon. Make sure you read the coupon carefully. If it says $.50/1 or $.50 off 1 yogurt, you can purchase a minimum of 1 to use the coupon but not necessarily get the price for the ad stated at 10 yogurts for $5.

Coupon printing: You are entitled to print 2 of each printable coupons and will notice you won't be allowed anything beyond that from your same printer. Sometimes we'll post coupons you may have already printed from other sites.  You will be able to print more than just 2 in these cases.  When you are buying 6 items like this one, you can use a coupon per 6 items, it just depends on the coupon wording. You can then see that if you print 2x you can get 12 for $5. Both are great deals!

Coupon Usage: The key to using coupons is reading the coupon entitlements. It will tell you if there are certain quantities, sizes that are needed to redeem the coupon. Also, it says how many of the item need to be purchased to use the coupon. If you see something like (2/$1) it means, when you purchase 2 items you will get $1 off. or (1/$1) means when you buy 1 item, you get a $1 off. It can get tricky if you don't watch the quantity or size needed to get the coupon. Sometimes the deal for Tide may be the 120 oz container but your coupon may say 150oz or larger, to redeem. The best coupons and most easiest to redeem are ones that say "any Tide product".

Please let us know if the terminology gets confusing or you need help figuring out the best deal for you. We are learning just as you are! Good luck and keep saving

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