Monday, March 8, 2010

Menu Plan Monday- 3/8-3/14

I've had a goal this year to do better at planning my meals.  I am finding that it's a lot easier to plan when I have inventory to work with.  I used to be the kind of planner that would plan meals, make my shopping list, then shop until I had every item on the list. That usually meant that I would exceed my budgeted amount and would have to cover it from different areas.  So, I'm taking note from my wise role models of how they make their meal plans. 
This week I am using my inventory and am happy that I have a variety to work with. 
     *Beef Stirfry (using up as much vegetables since new ones come in the co-op on Wednesday)
     * Rice
     * Pineapple (Costco had a whole pineapple for $1.99, lucky us!)
     * Pizza (Pillsbury had a great saleon crusts at Foodland, so we picked up more last week)
     * Cut up strawberries and grapes (other sales from Foodland)
     * Breakfast: Banana Waffles, bacon, eggs & fresh fruit
(by mid week I need an easy meal or I usually give up!)
     * Bertolli's
     * French Bread  (I do get fresh items for a meal once in a while!)
     * Spaghetti 
     * Green Salad
     * Leftover French Bread
     * Leftovers or something the Hubby decides to make!
     * Tomato, Basil & Garlic Chicken
     * Penne Pasta
     * Fresh Fruit
Usually when we've had company in the past, we'd had to make 'stocking up' shopping trips and it turns out be quite an expense.  Since watching the sales, stocking up, and creating a great inventory to choose from I haven't had to do this yet.  I think this is one of the best ways we can get our food storage filled with things that we actually eat.  What are you cooking this week?  How do you make sure you're not making daily shopping trips?

This is part of orgjunkie's Menu Plan Monday

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