Sunday, March 21, 2010

Inserts 3/21

Looking like Smartsource and Red Plum this week.  Red Plum had a Sara Lee deli and 2 Crest coupons, but there were some good ones in the Smartsource, including $.75 Scrubbing Bubbles (help you get the 3 cleaners for $.24 at Safeway after Catalina between 3/26-3/30 and the mail-in-rebate). 

Another highlight was the PlaySaver- combine with Target sale for $7 games: Monopoly ($2 after coupon) and Connect 4 ($3 after coupon).  Go to the link to print- great for Easter!  ToysRUs also has some sales to match the coupons with.

Coupons to print- twice!
$2 off Nivea- good one for K-mart doublers
$1 off Del Monte Fruit Chillers
$.75 off Chex cereal anyone else waiting for a sale?
$1 off Wachai Ferry dinner kit- on sale at Safeway until 3/23, possibly with Chill deal (Spend $25, get $10)

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