Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami lessons

Was there anything in particular that you learned from yesterday's tsunami?

I was pretty thankful for the way I've been shopping lately- the things I had bought over the week and hadn't emptied out of my car yet: 2 cases of water, diapers, snacks/pudding, formula and dog food were already sitting in my trunk.  Keeping things in stock and gas at half-tank or more gave us less to do before the emergency and getting them on sale instead of taking what I can get for whatever price. 

We grabbed our emergency kit (formerly known as: "72-hour kit", because we know it will be more than 72-hours before anyone gets near us with any help), some clothes, more food from the pantry and headed up the hill.

By focusing on building our 3-month and household supplies, the only thing I felt we needed in our kit was extra toothbrushes (been watching for sales, but nothing yet). 

What lessons did you learn?  What changes are you going to make?  Has anything you've done by reading this blog helped you be ready for events like yesterday's?


Jensen Ohana said...

I also thought of toothbrushes. I found that the food I was bringing were either really snackish or too much work to do after an exhausting morning. It made me think of certain foods that would hit the spot and not be too much of a hassle. What food do you take and what do you find works?

JLPierce Ohana said...

We try to use up eggs, other perishable items first and then anything that just needs boiling- oatmeal, saimin, rice, and then we have our dehydrated food kit and MREs for even longer term.